What is Cox StraightUp Prepaid Internet?


Internet has somehow become an important asset in our lives, and having a good internet is what everyone asks for. But with good and stable internet, there is always a price factor that comes in a user’s mind. How about I say, Cox Internet has something exciting for you.

How is Cox Internet?

Cox Communications has been one of the most reliable broadband networks in the US. The provider has proved to be one of the best in the league by serving more than 6.5 million people in the town which makes it the 3rd largest network provider in the state. Cox aims to target more and more people as Cox is currently operating in 19 states only.

Cox has always provided facility to the users to choose and customize any package they want on their own, but this time, Cox came with one of the most affordable internets in the town. Without wasting your time, lets jump into it.

What is Cox StraightUp?

Cox Straightup is the budget pack for those who want to avail a better internet with minimal cost and that is why Cox has introduced this amazing plan. Let’s talk about what user can get at what cost.

  • Price

How can someone not talk about the most important factor, Price. Cox Straightup is a prepaid package where you as a user have to pay $50 per month in advance and can enjoy perks the entire month.

  • Modem

Cox being a user-friendly broadband network, provides a free modem facility in this price so that the user should feel easy that they don’t have to pay more.

  • No Hidden Charge

Cox believes in transparent pricing. You won’t get any hidden charge, user will have to pay the same price what they ask for.

  • Easy Installation

Installing your modem would not be a difficult task for you because you will be provided each and everything so that you can have an easy installation.

  • Connectivity

I know you must be curious about how many devices a user can connect and all, you don’t need to worry because in straightup prepaid internet package, you can easily connect up to 7 devices at a time.

  • No Deposit

In this plan, you don’t have to think about deposit because the network has provided no deposit policy to gain the user’s interest and to have more and more consumers.

  • No term agreement

The plan “StraightUp” Internet comes with No Term Agreement which means you are not bound to have this connection for a year or two. You can terminate the internet whenever you want. User won’t have to pay any sort of penalty or any charges when at the time of termination.

  • Speed

Being a budget friendly package, Cox allows their users to get an amazing 100mb per second of the download speed. If you are a normal user who loves social media scrolling and who watch daily content, then the plan would be the perfect fit for you but if you are searching for something extra, then you should opt for other plans.

Talking about other plans, how about I show you some of the amazing Internet plans by Cox?

Cox Internet – Plan 2023

Cox offers variety to the consumers so that they can make choices depending upon their usage.

Download Speed
  Upload Speed
Data Limit

Go Fast

 up to 100mb per second

up to 5 mbps

Go Faster

  up to 250mb per second  up to 10 mbps  1.25TB
  Go Even Faster

  up to 500 mbps  up to 10 mbps  1.25TB
  Go Super-Fast  up to 1gbps  up to 35mbps  1.25TB
  Go Beyond Fast  up to 2gbps  up to 35mbps  1.25TB


The choice is always yours. If you are a normal user who just watch memes and some videos on social media then the basic tier “Go Fast” would be the perfect fit for you. If you want to pay in advance, then you should definitely opt for Cox “StraightUp” plan. But if you are a high end gamer who loves playing online and streaming with no lags, then you should definitely look at Super Fast and Beyond Fast because the tier comes with 1gbps and 2gbps respectively.

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