Retirement Village vs Lifestyle Community – What’s the Difference?

People will look online and see retirement communities all over Australia. Then they’ll also see the phrase ‘lifestyle community’ and feel an instant state of confusion. You might wonder whether they’re essentially the same thing or whether lifestyle communities are different from retirement communities. Perhaps it’s best to say that lifestyle communities like Lifestyle Communities in Keilor are a newer, upgraded version of retirement communities.

These communities have it all: maintenance-free living, healthcare options, and social activities. But here’s the twist – lifestyle communities go the extra mile to create an active and engaging vibe for their residents. It’s like retirement communities on steroids. It’s like making holiday friends only to realise that they can play a role in your life for many years to come.

Retirement communities tend to be slow and this is something that people researching them dislike. The great news is that lifestyle communities are different (hooray!). Think swimming pools, fitness centers, community events, clubs, and even golf courses or tennis courts. It’s like living in a perpetual vacation with a side of fun and socializing. Who said retirement has to be boring? You’ll feel like you’re on a vacation from the first day. This isn’t to say that you can’t sit at home and have a relaxed day. But you’ll also find no shortage of events and social occasions.

Lifestyle communities: where diverse interests and preferences unite. From outdoor adventures to cultural escapades, and all the socializing in between, there’s something for every soul. Plus, they’ve got housing options galore, ensuring everyone’s got their perfect match. It’s like a matchmaker for your lifestyle. You’ll find the property that suits your stage of life, whether you’re fully retired or starting to think about that stage of your life.

You see both online, so you need to know which will fit your lifestyle. Great question. Firstly, it brings a whole new level of zest and excitement to your life, keeping you on your toes and living life to the fullest. On top of that, lifestyle communities give you the warm fuzzies of belonging and the amazing support of kindred spirits who get you and your quirks. It’s like finding your tribe, but with a twist of adventure. Loads of people move into a lifestyle community and find that they build friendships that are as strong as any they have ever had.

Gone are the days of retirement communities being the norm. Say hello to lifestyle communities, where retirement living gets a modern and upgraded makeover. With an emphasis on an active and fulfilling lifestyle, along with a strong sense of community and support, lifestyle communities are stealing the show. Don’t miss out on the best retirement living has to offer. Explore your options, find your perfect fit, and let your golden years shine. It’ll change your life!